Movie on Osho...coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Osho Namaste
Osho Namaste

"This movie will introduce a whole new generation to Osho and his vision and put him back all over again in the center of the world's attention!"
Kamlesh Pandey (writer of movies like Tezaab, Dil Beta, Saudagar etc.)

my father was one of the most important figures in the Indian cinema and he taught me many things not only as an actor..among these there is the interest in Osho!
Sanjay Dutt

“ I have enormous respect for Osho's vision and have always felt his influence in my life.
A few years ago another film centered on Osho had been offered to me, one entitled : 'The Guru of Sex', but I declined the offer, convinced that such an approach was no way to broach the subject !
When I met the director, I at once recognized and appreciated his love for the Master ... and our encounter developed into a beautiful friendship ... I saw all the "right stuff" for the making of a great film !!! “
Kabir Bedi

“ I am keenly interested in participating in this film about Osho ! “
Irfan Khan

This movie (on Osho) will be the most important international movie in my career!
Kamal Haasan


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