Name: Rohit Malik
Home: Delhi, India

About Me : I became very much interested in Osho at the age of 17 and read hundreds of his books & attended numerous osho meditation camps which was really beneficial spiritually. 
Visited headquarters of other spiritual organizations too on their invitations. 

And also read lakhs of other articles related to spirituality, health, life, computers, internet & much more..

Believe that technology and spirituality must unite to create an ecosystem for physical, metal & spiritual well being.

This is just a very basic introduction as there were lots of interest & activities....and life can take any turn! 

Area of Interest(professional): Internet (Web Research, Web Videos, Blogging, & much more...)

Area of Interest(personal): Spirituality, Internet, Movies & much more....

My E-Ventures :
DelhiEvents.com : Events & happenings in Delhi 

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Pictures taken by Me : 
Few Old Pictures at Flickr.com