Osian's Film Festival

In the Picture: Mita Vasisth, Jury Member at Osian's Film Festival 2005

I attended Osian's Film Festival http://www.cinemaya.net/ in July for the very first time and watched around 30 movies. ; - )

It was a wonderful experience to watch 4-5 movies a day and few movies were really very good. The movie ' Tear of the Cold ' was very touching, i loved it very much. You can know about it here: http://jam.canoe.ca/Movies/Reviews/T/Tear_Of_The_Cold/2004/12/03/764215.html

One more movie which i liked very much is 'Magdalena: The Unholy Saint'
Find info about it here: http://www.cinemaya.net/c7-fi.asp?filmid=17&ur=ac&sect1=1
I loved it because it's a movie about a spoilt girl who later becomes the messenger of jesus and starts healing people. The girl started seeing Magdalena in her dreams. The visuals in the dream sequence are stunning and the background score is also nice. As i'm interested in spirituality very much, this movie touched me deeply.

I liked few other movies too but also missed many movies because they were screening 4 movies at a time and i couldn't be at 4 places same time. ; - )

And watching the movies was a very serene experience as i was transpired in another world, it was like meditation to me. Just being in the moment, relaxed, joyful and enjoying the movie was a great experience.

Eagerly waiting for the film festival next year. ; - )