Bright Future of The Digital World Ahead :

2005 was the year when sales of Digital Products preceded the sales of Analog Products and in the coming year, Sony is going to launch it's First E-book Reader Device for the U.S. market at Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, NV - 5th-8th January, 2006 & for that, sony has also signed a deal with Industry heavyweights Simon & Schuster, Random House, and HarperCollins. They launched e-book reader device in Japan last year but that was not successful because of many security features which scared off many potential buyers & few other reasons but this time it supports all adobe acrobat documents(pdf files) & partnered with few of the major publishing houses and time is also ripe for this kind of device but there are companies like iRex, Jinke which are planning to offer devices with paper like foldable display and they can give tough competition to sony. Let us see if sony who was the market leader in anolog products can regain it's lost position in this digital market by offering product for the untamed market of e-book reader devices & achieve what apple did in Audio/Video market with it's iPod.
Google became a big threat to Microsoft in the year 2005. Microsoft & Intel took the position of IBM once. And it seems that Google is going to take Microsoft's position who ruled for the last 2 decades. But microsoft is going to launch many new innovative products in 2006 for securing it's position. So, the battle continues. ; - )
Adobe will offer new Video product bundle with it's upgraded products like Adobe After Effects 7. Flash 8 will be the new inclusion in video bundle after it's acquisition of Macromedia.
Web Companies like Yahoo & Microsoft are going to offer paid PC to phone calls services (Internet Telephony) through their ubiquitous Instant Messengers(which was previously the domain of Skype) in their next versions but now, it will reach more people than previously possible.
And Web 2 applications like & Digital Universe are going to hold strong position in the coming year & we'll see more such applications.


M&M said…
man i think google or anyone for that matter cant topple microsoft.but ya after the recent aol sale when ms was barred and overrun,i think the whole industry is against it.that can alter the equations.
rohit malik said…
Thanks for commenting Jerry!

Why AOL preferred google? There must be some reason. ;- )

But yes, i agree that microsoft is not going to accept defeat. I'm excited about the future of web as their competition will give us many innovative tools and i'm mainly concerned with that. ; - )
Anonymous said…
Hi Rohit...I have seem your Our delhi blog....and good lord...Such a tremendous effort man...

Keep it up!!!... I thought only New york City had such a blog...

But you are obviously doing a good job man...

However a small suggestion...I use firefox and I would say Your site layout....cud be improved a lot...ofcourse in your free time only!!! ;-) Gret efforts ..
rohit malik said…

First of all, thanks for the compliment.

I'm using firefox & don't know about any layout issue. Can you tell me a little more about it?

Cheers, Rohit

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