Ads in the textbooks : Is India Listening?

Today i have come across an article which talks about using ads in college textbooks which will make it possible to provide the textbooks free to students. And i think it can be a wonderful model for a developing country like India where literacy rate is very low. Admission fees, regular School fees is a serious concern for middle class families. So, free textbooks will give a relief to parents in some way.

There can be a quality team for checking if the advertisements offered are not promoting products like cigarettes & other harmful products. Advertisement from reputed companies which offers stationary products/children fun activites etc. can be accepted. There can be a team like Indian Censor Board(which is for films) for that & we indians know how efficient they are in keeping the check although it's a very controversial matter. ; - )

Anyway, you can read the article here : Ads Coming to Textbooks