It Happens Only in India ; - )


Anonymous said…
Clearly the video is being played at 2-X or 4-X speed at least. Whats the big deal ?
rohit malik said…
first of all, who are you? ; - )

I will stop responding to anonymous commenters.

And it's not about the speed of video, it's about chaotic traffic condition. And nothing negative about it. It's just funny & realistic.
Anonymous said…
Holy cow, living in America, I recently got a ticket for not coming to a full halt at a stop sign!! I am moving back to India, although I will probably have to get a driver!
Hey Rohit, do you know of any upcoming events featuring Indian Ocean in Delhi?
Akira said…
Hey Rohit,

Really liked the rickshaw pic that you have captured. Found it through Mridula's blog...Happy clicking..
Anonymous said…
thanks Akira! ; - )

And anil, it will be there if it happens.

Sorry for the late reply guys!

Cheers, Rohit