Google Web Services

Google is making many improvements in their services like they recently introduced new Picassa feature which lets you view your blogger's blog images in your Picassa Account & you can even delete images which you don't want, a feature not available previously.

All such improvements are fine but i would like them to offer something which is very close to having proper web space. They should let us manage all our files at one place instead of compulsive logging in to different modules like Google Docs & Spreadsheet, Google Picassa, Google blogger etc.

It can be something like Adobe bridge ( interesting name ), it can be called google central / bridge or whatever name they can think of. It will be a hub to manage all kinds of files especially the most used ones which are audio files, images, videos, scripts ( javascripts, html scripts in the form of widgets etc. ), documents & all the must required files in a website ( portal ). You can open those files in their own web application modules like images in Picassa, documents in Google docs & spreadsheet etc. for further work.

They are going towards right direction though & they will surely take the required steps to offer seamless integration between all of their applications. This way more & more people use their adwords / adsense & google checkout ( which they must launch worldwide soon )

This way they will do great service by letting non-technical people do all kinds of online businesses, manage their life in a more efficient way, create better content & share information related to all kinds of subjects relevant to human beings which will fasten the process of creating a civilized society.

Google's gain will be both good karma & huge bank balance. ; - )


Tarana Khan said…
Yes, it can be a bother to go to different places to access different stuff. They would do good to integrate such a feature into the Google Desktop application, which will automatically synchronise what you have on ur PC to the web.