Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

Last Month, i attended a program on Mirza Ghalib. It was a dance ballet exactly which i didn't like much as the girls were performing without much connection with ghalib. There were just trying to coordinate with steps. But what i enjoyed is Ghalib's poetry & the man who sat there dressed like Ghalib & played him. There was certain charm in him & the way he recited Ghalib's words was very beautiful. Few lines which imprinted in my mind are :

na tha kuch, toh khuda tha,
na hoga kuch toh khuda hoga.
duboya mujhko hooney ney,
na hota main, toh kya hota?

These words touched me deeply. All our problems are because of our ego ( which is our real hona ) but still we clings to it when even our existence is like a dewdrop.
The actor said these words with great longing & helpnessness of our human limitations. Such beautiful words tells much about Ghalib's connection with the source. A poetry coming from an inner space & the poet is not concerned about fame & money but merging with God. That's what makes him stand out & the following words describes it beautifully :

haiN aur bhee duniya meiN suKHanwar bohot achche kehte haiN ki 'GHalib' ka hai andaaz-e-bayaaN aur

More about Ghalib which is very touching :

Balli maarhah ke mahalle ki wo pechida daleeloN ki see galiYan
saamne Taal ke nuKkad pe baTeroN ke posheede
guD-guDaati hui paaN pi peekoN meiN wo daad wo waH-waH
chand darwaaze par laTke huye boshida se kuch TaaT ke parde
ek baKri ke mamiyaane ki awaaZ
aur dhoondhlaayi huyi shaam ke be-noor andhere
aise deewaroN se mooH joD kar chalte haiN yahaN
chuDi-waala unke katri ke badi bee jaise
apNi boojHti hui aaNkhoN se darwaaze TaTole
isee be-noor andheri see gali qaasim se
Eik tarTeeb ChiraGon kee ShurU hoTi Hai
ek quran-e-sukhan ka safa khulta hai
asad allah Khan 'GHalib' ka patha milta hai.