Google Presentation : A Microsoft Powerpoint Killer?

  • Google has added another feather in their cap by Introducing Google Presentation which is available alongwith their existing applications 'Spreadsheet' ( like Microsoft Excel ) & 'Document' ( like Microsoft Word ) at
  • All these applications are free & not only you can share the documents online with many people at the same time ( and avoid sending documents as email attachments to many ) but also you can collaborate with others as multiple people can edit the same document together.
  • The only drawback with these Web Based applications is that you need to have a stable internet connection & the good news is that it is becoming common in major cities but there can still be places where you might not have Internet connection which can really hamper your work although those places & times are becoming extinct with better Wireless connectivity being offered & will be further expanded by the ISPs in the near future not only in localities but also in Railways, Airlines, Villages etc. where it can prove to be a bottleneck otherwise.
  • We are heading towards a time when internet will be available like Air.
  • Hopefully!