Adolf Hitler

He did tremendous harm to humanity; but that is another side of his personality. And for that too -- I have looked deeply into Adolf Hitler's life -- he alone is not responsible.
He wanted to be an artist, but no art school in Germany accepted him. Just the entrance examination -- and he was failed. He was not a great artist, but his intention was to become an artist, a creator. When he failed in art schools, he decided to become an architect; he wanted to make new kinds of buildings, new structures. But no school of architecture accepted him.

He was in love with a woman who simply rejected him because he was unemployed, uneducated. And of course you know his picture; nobody can say it is beautiful -- particularly with that small mustache. He looks worse than Charlie Chaplin. And if any woman just got rid of him, we cannot blame the woman. But one thing is certain, he was rejected in every possible way by the society.
No love was given to him. His father was a very strict disciplinarian, continuously condemning him, continuously letting him down. It was his practice to call in the neighbors, and before the neighbors, condemn Adolf Hitler.
This man, finding, "This world does not accept me in any way, I am just unworthy," started feeling a deep inferiority complex. It is natural: rejection from all sides will make anybody feel an inferiority complex. And the inferiority complex is the cause of what Adolf Hitler became in his life.
He entered the army -- that was the only place where he was acceptable, because in the army your face is not considered, whether it is beautiful or ugly. Ugly is better; in the army we don't need film actors, we need monsters. And in the army he proved very successful -- he won awards. And he found out one thing: that as a killer he could prove his superiority in the world; there was no other way.
That's how he entered into politics, and that's how he became the chancellor of the country. He used army tactics.
When he made his party for the first time, the National Socialist Party, there were only nineteen members -- all unemployed, because in the first world war Germany was defeated, and many army people were retired before the usual age. Hitler was also retired, and he was young. These nineteen people were all army people who had been thrown into unemployment; they made this party. And it is a miracle of history that nineteen men managed to come into power within ten years' time.