Dalai Lama

And what has the Dalai Lama done? He escaped from Tibet when China attacked. If he was really in favor of the Tibetan people he should have remained with his people, even if he was to be murdered.
And when he escaped he did not bring the Buddhist scriptures with him, he brought seventeen camels loaded with gold, because he knew that it would be impossible to get back to Tibet. A man who has betrayed his own people... and they are being killed every day. He has taken the money of the people. It was not his private money. No lama can have private money  --  a lama is a Buddhist bhikkshu, he cannot possess anything. The money belonged to the taxpayers, the poor Tibetans. All the gold that was in the possession of the Lhasa Palace of Dalai Lama  --  he ran away with all the gold, leaving the Tibetan people in the hands of China. And they are being killed every day, butchered, tortured.

And you will not believe... Every child has to learn Chinese now, not Tibetan. So they are not only destroying people's political freedom, they are even destroying their literature, their whole heritage. The children will be Chinese, because they will be speaking Chinese. Soon, when the old people die, even the Tibetan language will die. And Tibetan scriptures will disappear.
This is an absolute crime against a culture  -- they have brought not just a political slavery to Tibet, they are destroying Tibet's whole ancient culture, which has something beautiful in it. They have destroyed all the monasteries of Buddhist monks. They have been turned into hospitals, into schools. And they have brought a great number of Chinese to become residents of Tibet. The number of Chinese is now more than the Tibetans. So now they will bring democracy to Tibet, because now in any case Tibetans cannot win the elections; more Chinese have been infiltrated.
And what has Dalai Lama done?
His younger brother has died just a few days before, because his younger brother  --  his name was Panchen Lama  --  proved far more courageous than Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama was the head of state and Panchen Lama was number two; if Dalai Lama dies or something happens, then Panchen Lama would be the head. He was not the head, but he took over as Dalai Lama escaped. He did not escape with Dalai Lama, he remained with his people, and he tried in every possible way to prevent this invasion. But Tibet had no armies, Tibet had no arms. Tibet had nothing to fight with, no roads, no tanks, no bombs. Tibet had only twenty-one guns belonging to the guards of Dalai Lama's palace  -- that was all. There were no courts, no police  -- because the Tibetan people are such a silent people, such a meditative people.
That's why I feel for the Tibetan people.
If the Nobel Prize was given to the Tibetan people, it would have been absolutely right. They are suffering and their meditativeness is being laughed at. They are being forced not to meditate, but to go to the fields and work. Under loaded machine guns, meditators are being forced to work.
And Panchen Lama died just four or five days ago, because in a international conference in Beijing he directly hit the Chinese government. He made it clear that Tibet is being completely destroyed  --  not only its people are being killed, its scriptures are being burnt, its temples are being destroyed. Nobody can learn Tibetan anymore. The language is being destroyed, the children are being forced to learn Chinese and to speak Chinese.
This is a real generation gap, where children will not be able to understand their own parents. Their parents will not be able to say anything to the children; they will not understand each other's language.
And he lashed out against China, risking his life. Because the conference was international, he wanted the whole world to know what is happening in Tibet at the hands of the Chinese. So he exposed the whole situation, and that very night he was found dead in his hotel. No autopsy was made, no certificate from a doctor that he has died a normal, natural death  --  he was a young man, perfectly healthy  --  and he was buried. Now they will put someone, their agent  --  he may be Tibetan  --  as the head of Tibet.
For what is the Dalai Lama getting a nomination? He is not even the head of the International Football Federation! And he is a coward. Cowardice is being rewarded by a Nobel Prize.

Osho ( Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh )
February 1989