Excerpts about Indigos from :

There will be that certain ‘something’ about them- a presence or charisma that sets them off from everyone else. They may not be rich or formally college educated, but if they give you advice, or make a prediction or observation, they’ll be spot-on. There is a depth of wisdom and knowledge within them that eclipses many highly educated sorts.

When they choose to participate in parties and social events, they often become the center of attention, whether they want to or not.

Indigos don’t actively seek glory or status- and prefer to be followers rather than leaders.
( Me : fine but being a follower is impossible now! :-) )

School, to most Indigos, is a necessary evil, something to be endured, and escaped from as soon as possible. Our way of learning things is holographic. And we intensely dislike merely skimming a subject- we want to know- to remember- everything about it.

We are very aware that 90% of what is on the tube, radio, or paper is pure manufactured nonsense.

We ask impossible questions of our religious teachers and ministers, often getting into trouble, or even tossed out for being ‘disruptive’. We do not suffer fools gladly, no matter who they are.

We are in possession of a very high functioning ‘lie detector’ capability- we can almost ‘see’ people or corporate entities being untruthful. Sometimes this disgusts or even enrages us, especially if the lie is harmful to others.

Many Indigos, both young and old, have great affinity for speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, role-playing games, and other aspects of fandom. This comes from our inability to fit into the ‘normal’ social interaction with our peers

Money is just a symbol to us, and we have a hard time understanding why people chase it, and its status symbols.

Indigos are often solitary souls, preferring our own company to that of a large group. We prefer the company of peers, and would rather be alone than in a group of 'sleepers’- people who are not spiritually awakened.

We tend to be very sensitive to noise, heat, humidity, crowds, and strong odors.

Indigos are very attracted to the supernatural, metaphysical, and cutting edges of both scientific and spiritual understanding. Often, they seek out spiritual paths that are far from the mainstream, often fringe or just emerging.

The Indigo soul, young or old, is unique to this world. We’re not invaders, we’re advancers. The work that we are here to do is for the benefit of all upon this planet, as well as the planet itself. Ours will be the first generations of humans who will leave the Earth better than we found it.